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Lord Deverill's Secret

LDSpb Cover


A simple trip to Brighton turns into a summer of adventure for Cassandra Paxton when she encounters the enigmatic Justin, Lord Deverill.

Lord Deverill is hiding a secret, and, when Cassandra discovers its significance, the accidents that have befallen her appear in a new and deadly light. With danger looming on every side Cassandra reluctantly realises she must join forces with Lord Deverill if she is to survive.

After searching her heart, can she admit that she loves him? And can Lord Deverill save her life?


"Ms. Grange has a feel for the era and she writes about Regency Brighton knowledgeably, from the bathing machines to the Prince's Pavilion and the lavish entertainments he hosted." - Valarie Pelissero, Rakehell

"In LORD DEVERILLíS SECRET, author Amanda Grange does an excellent job of pulling readers in with a tantalizing mystery and steadily building the suspense with each turn of the page. By the time the secret surrounding Cassandraís brother is finally revealed, about half way through the tale, readers are already thoroughly involved in the plight of the two protagonists, Cassandra and Justin. Their lives are in danger, and the intrigue surrounding them is thick. Yet, a budding romance between the two is equally engrossing, probably because they are such amiable characters. He is an interesting gentleman leading a double life, and she is a typical English miss proving she has no small amount of pluck when she is suddenly thrust into extraordinary circumstances.Finishing off the delightful tale is a surprise ending, making LORD DEVERILLíS SECRET that much more enjoyable. Donít miss it."-Sandra Brill, Romance Reviews Today

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Harstairs House

Harstairs House paperback Cover

From the author of Mr. Knightley's Diary and Lord Deverill's Secret comes a sparkling tale of a woman, her inheritance, and the rake who could ruin everything.


Inheriting a house from a stranger was shocking enough. Then Susannah Thorpe learns that in order to claim her inheritance, she must either wed in a month, or else spend the next thirty days in Harstairs House-a place purported to be haunted. Not about to marry, she makes the arduous journey to her new home, only to discover that there's already a tenant living there: a broodingly handsome man named Oliver Bristow, who has no intention of leaving before his lease runs out-in another month. Now Susannah must share her quarters with her mysterious, rakish tenant- without falling head over heels in love.


"This is an entertaining Georgian gothic romantic suspense with all the elements of the sub-genre clearly included in the fine story line . . . Readers will enjoy visiting HARSTAIRS HOUSE." -Harriet Klausner, The Best Reviews

"Oliver . . . has dangerous enemies and is engaged in a scheme much grander than Susannah suspects. Readers will enjoy the action and intrigue these two likable characters become embroiled in. And their charming relationship adds a warmth to the story that will satisfy romantics." Sandra Brill, Romance Reviews Today

"Amanda Grange writes from the heart . . . Secrets, intrigue, love, lies, it's all there for the reader to enjoy. Highly recommended." - A Romance Review

"With its mysterious overtones and brooding hero, this is a nicely crafted, intriguing throwback to the classic Gothic" - Kathe Robin, Romantic Times

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